This site has been created to capture my journey as a novice racing driver - in 2013 I competed in the Caterham Academy series. Click on the link to the Blog for all updates!

My Academy kit was delivered in October 2012 and with help from my wonderful wife Caroline the completed car was on the road before Christmas, here is a link to the build diary if you want to see how we got on.

The colour scheme has developed over time, we decided to wrap the car rather than paint it so in theory at the end of the year we can pull off the wrap and have an ‘as-new’ ali bodied car to sell on.  We wanted the car to be unique so it was easily recognised on track, at one stage it was going to be all pink but I lost my bottle and went for green instead.  Then we learned of a couple of other lime green cars that would be in the series so we went with a mix of green and pink just to be different!


Welcome to the home of sevenracing

Academy Specification:

Engine: 1600 Ford Sigma

Max Power (bhp/rpm): 125 @ 6100

Max Torque (lbs ft/rpm): 120 @ 5350

Weight: 525kg

0-60mph: 5.9 Seconds

Power-to-weight: 227 bhp-per-tonne

Top Speed: 112mph

5-speed gearbox

13" Superlight Alloy Wheels

Full roll cage

Fire extinguisher

Battery Master Switch

Honeycomb fuel tank and side impact protection

During the season I will be raising awareness and hopefully funds for Arthritis Research UK. It may not be obvious to many people that I have arthritis - but this is only thanks to the treatment I’ve received over the last 8 years or so.  When I was at my worst I couldn’t walk much more than 100 yards, I couldn’t get out of an armchair without assistance, stairs filled me with dread and I had to be helped in and out of my Caterham if I wanted to go for a blat!  I tried various treatments, some were better than others and some had nasty side effects.  Progress was slow and at times I didn’t think it would ever get any better.  But thankfully it did and I am now pretty mobile and comfortable most of the time.  So Arthritis Research is quite important to me and this is my chance to say thank you and give a little back.

If you wish to donate please click on this link to visit my Just Giving page

The Caterham Academy series is only open to people who have not raced before and have never held a racing license.  There are 56 places each year split into two groups of 28.  All the cars are the same specification, road legal and are based around the Caterham Roadsport model.  The ‘Academists’ embark on a journey that takes them through the build of their race car from a kit supplied (although many choose to pay someone else to build it), successful completion of their ARDS test to gain a license, then on to complete 3 sprint events followed by 4 circuit races.  The events list for 2013 can be seen here.

I’m fortunate to have owned a Caterham for over 9 years, this one is a keeper, we’ve put a lot into it over the years so as long as I am able to I’ll be hanging on to it, even though it will be stored away during 2013.

This car is somewhat different to the Academy car that I will race in 2013.  It started life in 2003 quite similar to the Academy car of the time, but a seemingly relentless attack of upgraditis has seen it morph into the green monster you see here! Find out more about it by clicking here.

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