However, although it was a fast and fun car to drive I soon started tinkering and changing a few things.  Early changes included changing the tyres to Yokohama AO48 (more track oriented) and carbon front wings (because they looked nice). Next came the exhaust - off with the standard, restrictive system and on went a Powerspeed 4-2-1 system.  Later I took the car to Dave Andrews (DVA Power) so he could upgrade the engine - cams, throttle bodies, Emerald ECU and vernier cam pulleys saw the power rise to 165bhp. I added a red starter button and a mechanical oil pressure gauge (the standard one isn’t reliable)

The car was never bad but it now felt so much better and it was a lot quicker on track, but I’d now caught upgraditis and it started to get serious!

I can’t remember the full sequence of changes but the list is quite long -

  1. BulletEngine replaced with a 1.8l 230bhp, 165 lb ft K series

  2. BulletScholar block, steel crank, steel rods, forged pistons, Colisbro guides, Jenvey throttle bodies, Piper 1227 cams, double springs, oversize valves, solid followers, lightened flywheel, dry sump

  3. BulletBig front brake upgrade

  4. BulletPre-preg carbon wings, nose, dashboard, sill covers, rear light mounts, front indicator pods, fog light and reversing light

  5. Bullet13” Anthracite wheels, 6” wide fronts and 8” rears

  6. BulletAvon CR500 or ZZR tyres

  7. BulletTitan limited slip differential

  8. BulletBespoke gearbox rebuild by SPC (semi helical, lightweight, high strength, long 1st, 2nd and 3rd)

  9. BulletWidetrack front wishbones

  10. BulletPowerspeed 4-2-1 exhaust (subsequently changed to a Raceco 4-1)

  11. BulletShift lights

  12. BulletNitron dampers with Eibach springs

  13. BulletAdjustable front and rear anti-roll bars

  14. BulletPaintwork in Kawasaki Green

  15. BulletLowered, smaller headlamps in black

  16. BulletSet of split rims with slicks for trackdays

  17. BulletFlat-floor geometry and suspension set up


The Academy kit arrived and is being built, it’s going to be quite different to my current 7 - but this one was quite basic and has been developed from a basic Roadsport 140 into the trackday toy it is now over the last 8 or so years.

When I ordered my kit back in 2003 this was the basic spec:

  1. BulletCaterham Roadsport X-Power (Rover K series)

  2. BulletUpgrade to 140bhp 1.8 engine

  3. BulletLeather seats

  4. BulletRemovable MOMO steering wheel

  5. BulletTitanium paint

  6. Bullet4 point race harnesses

  7. BulletFIA rollbar

It took 6 weekends and a few evenings for Dave and I to build, I then drove it to Caterham for them to complete the post build check, SVA and registration.  There were a few challenges along the way but generally it was pretty straightforward to build.


The development of thE SuperSnot 7!

Waiting in the rain at Keevil

A garage somewhere in France on the way home from Stelvio, doesn’t the Elise look big!

Castle Combe Trackday - with some ballast on board

Keevil airfield after a mornings coaching from Ed Moore with Ed’s DB9 behind

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